Inspired by Excellence in Education

Our board of directors is a group of diverse individuals who are passionate about making a sustainable, positive impact on the quality of education at West Monroe High School.

Current Board Members

Peyton Underwood
Peyton UnderwoodPresident, 2023-2024
Mandy Boling
Mandy BolingAdministrator
John Cameron
John CameronTreasurer
Mary Bernard
Mary BernardBoard Member
Brad Bell
Brad BellBoard Member
Tim Brandon
Tim BrandonBoard Member
Gus Campbell
Gus CampbellBoard Member
David Cole
David ColeBoard Member
Dr. Jeff Counts
Dr. Jeff CountsBoard Member
Stanley Dupuy
Stanley DupuyBoard Member
Cydni Hanks
Cydni HanksBoard Member
Rachel Hutchinson
Rachel HutchinsonBoard Member
Melissa Kiper Baldwin
Melissa Kiper BaldwinBoard Member
Stacey Knox
Stacey KnoxBoard Member
Chris Lewis
Chris LewisBoard Member
Jeremy Many
Jeremy ManyBoard Member
Lisa Miller
Lisa MillerBoard Member
Jay Mitchell
Jay MitchellBoard Member
Staci Mitchell
Staci MitchellBoard Member
Jessica Nugent
Jessica NugentBoard Member
Scotty Robinson
Scotty RobinsonBoard Member
Conner Valentine
Conner ValentineBoard Member


Dan Lane
Dan Lane
Doug Caldwell
Doug Caldwell

Past Board Presidents

Melissa Kiper Baldwin
Melissa Kiper BaldwinPresident, 2022-2023
Staci Mitchell
Staci MitchellPresident, 2021-2022
Gus Campbell
Gus CampbellPresident, 2020-2021
Barry Bell
Barry BellPresident, 2019-2020
Stanley Dupuy
Stanley DupuyPresident, 2018-2019
Rick Guillot
Rick GuillotPresident, 2016-2017
Jay Mitchell
Jay MitchellPresident, 2014-2015
Kenny Guillot
Kenny GuillotPresident, 2012-2013
Wade Bishop
Wade BishopPresident, 2011-2012
Blake Wheelis
Blake WheelisPresident, 2009-2010

Past Executive Directors

Jennifer Zimmerman
Jennifer Zimmerman
Mandy Green
Mandy Green
Jodi Wheelis
Jodi Wheelis

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